Typewriter white frameWhat makes me qualified to appraise your writing? As well as my love for both reading and writing horror, I have worked as a creative writing tutor for the past 13 years, both independently and for my local (UK) community education department. I am qualified to teach adults (C&G Adult Teacher Training) and I’ve been regularly assessed and monitored as a matter of course throughout my years of teaching. Students have often signed up for more than one year for ongoing advice and motivation.

I am experienced at critiquing short fiction and longer projects, often working with authors and their novels from inception to completion, providing objective and down-to-earth feedback and advice as they write, as well as working on completed early drafts.

Unfortunately, what I cannot do is tell you how to land a publisher or agent. I can help you develop your writing, and could give you a better chance.

Testimonials from writers and students can be seen HERE.

photo credit: mikeymckay via photopin cc