The Book Awards Author Services Winner – Coaching and Mentoring

2013 Coaching award

I’ve been teaching, coaching/mentoring, critiquing and generally being bossy in a writerly way for almost 14 years. I’m thrilled to be starting another year of doing the aforementioned with this award.

The Book Awards have been run by ‘not for profit’ publisher Acclaimed Books Limited, since 2008 and in that time, tens of thousands of voters from over one hundred countries around the world have shown their appreciation by supporting and nominating books in the competition. This is the first year awards have been offered to professionals who support the literary industry.

The Book Awards Managing Director, Peter Lihou said:
“We have run the awards for over five years but last year was the first time we featured the, often unsung, stalwarts of the literary industry, our supporting professionals. Without the help of these talented individuals and organisations, many of our much-loved stories would never have seen the light of day.”

The Book Awards are the only international awards that are open to all professionals offering services to authors and titles distributed in Kindle or Printed formats by sites around the world. Any one can nominate or vote for a professional without charge or registration. Dubbed The People’s Book Awards, this openness attracts large numbers of visitors to the awards site

Many thanks to those who voted for me 🙂


Short Story Writers – New Service

Photopin writing frameDue to popular demand I have added a mentoring option for those who are just starting out writing short stories. Perhaps you would like to attend a creative writing class, but just don’t have the time, or maybe you just require feedback as and when you are working on a specific project, so you may not want to commit to a whole term of evening classes. With this option you receive one-to-one advice while you are writing what you want to write, at a time that suits you.

I will work through a maximum of three drafts of a short story with you, and you will be able to ask me questions or to expand on any comments on your manuscript. I will be able to go into more detail about why certain things are suggested, improving your writing skills for future projects.

For more experienced writers the details for short story appraisals can be found HERE.

My fees can be found HERE.

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reVamped Writing

Writing white frameHi, my name is Julia, and welcome to reVamp Your Writing. No, that’s not a typo in my title. Let me explain.

reVamped is a developmental editing and mentoring service – primarily aimed at horror writers and those writing paranormal or supernatural fiction, but I do take other genres. However, horror is my first love – I don’t think good horror fiction can be beaten. If you want to know if your scary short story really is scary, I’ll tell you. Do your vampires have bite? I’ll tell you. If they don’t, I’ll tell you why.

My feedback may be somewhat blunter than Dracula’s teeth, but an honest, impartial opinion is vital if we are to improve as writers. I’ll tell it like it is, but I won’t bite too hard. Take a look at what is available on the site, and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any queries.

From time to time I will post relevant articles or submission calls for horror writers on this page, so please check back… or ‘follow’ me into the dark…

Remember – I don’t spend all my time lurking in the dark – I am also happy to read other genres. More details can be found HERE. To find out more about me click HERE.


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