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Possibly more evil than the best horror I’ve read.
How do you sum up your novel in one page? Does it make sense? Does it focus on the right elements? Is it too vague? Let me tell you.

Short Stories

For a start, is it a story? Does it pack a punch and leave its mark? What market is the story aimed at? I’ll be looking at grammar, spelling, structure, characterisation, scene setting etc, and using Word’s ‘comment’ function to provide feedback exactly where you need it.

Novel/Novella Appraisal & Developmental Editing

Whatever the length of work you wish me to assess, I will provide both line-by-line comments (using Word’s ‘comment’ function) and an overall assessment of your writing in a separate document. You are then able to choose whether to follow my advice or not.

I will not alter any part of the manuscript, but I will point out areas of concern as well as areas where your writing is particularly effective – it’s not just about finding what needs to be improved but also about seeing what you do well already, so that you can develop those skills further. I will also check continuity, clarity, characterisation, and pace etc.

How long does it take? For shorter appraisals I aim to return work within a week, subject to bookings. Longer works I aim to return within two weeks.

Note: reVamp Your Writing is NOT a proof reading or copy editing service, although any errors and typos found will be highlighted.  If you are planning to self-publish or wish to deliver a ‘print’ ready manuscript to one of the online package publishers, it is recommended you also use a proof reader. reVamped’s role is more akin to developmental/content editing.


Are you itching to get on with a novel but don’t have the time to take a course in creative writing? With this option you have a tutor on hand as you write, ready to advise when required and keep you to your desired timetable. The suggested pace is 10,000 words every 4 weeks, but this is flexible.

For those mainly writing short fiction, I offer an option where I will work through a maximum of three drafts of a short story with you, giving feedback and advice. You will be able to ask me to expand on any comments on your manuscript, and I will be able to go into more detail about why certain things are suggested – you would then be able to use that information on further projects.

Mentoring places are limited.


Although my ‘speciality’ is horror and supernatural/paranormal fiction, writers of all genres are welcome to contact me to discuss whether I’m able to be of assistance. I am also open to erotic fiction, again subject to discussion and reading a sample.

So, what do YOU do next?

Take a look at the different options available HERE and decide which would suit you best, then drop me a line using the contact form. When you are happy with your choice I will tell you how to format your work for submission (following general publishers’ guidelines). You can then send a 1000 word sample to be appraised (if considering mentoring or novel/novella appraisal), so that you can see what I can do, and we’ll take it from there.

Why don’t I just ask you to send your work straight away and put a PayPal button on site? When teaching classes I always try to meet my students beforehand – to make sure they are happy – I see no reason not to do the equivalent for clients in the virtual world. I will only ask for payment after I have seen a sample of your work and have discussed it with you.


All fees are set out HERE. Payment is via PayPal – details to be provided on assignment.

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