narrow pen cropI can honestly say that Julia has put the bite into my fiction writing. She homes in like a sniffer dog in a drugs haul, highlighting everything from plot holes to typos. I would no more submit a manuscript for publication without Julia’s advice than drive my car without insurance.
Steve Emmett – Horror author

narrow pen cropJulia has been an amazing help and support to me these past few years. I believe one of the problems most – if not all – writers encounter occurs as an unwanted side-effect of immersing ourselves in our stories. We lose objectivity and we miss important details. Sometimes these are microscopic, but Julia has an almost uncanny knack of spotting the flaw that spoils an otherwise gripping plot or characterisation. Result? A much tighter manuscript that achieves the desired result. In my case, that means sending my readers scurrying behind the sofa, not just hiding behind a cushion.
I thought I had learned a lot about the craft of writing before I worked with Julia, but I know a whole lot more now. Her help, advice and support are priceless and I wouldn’t be without them.
Catherine Cavendish – Paranormal Horror writer

narrow pen cropJulia was a wonderful and inspiring teacher. Her course was well structured with the content delivered in a clear, authoritative, interesting and entertaining manner. I enjoyed each and every one of her lessons thoroughly. Julia was very approachable and full of useful advice throughout, always helpful and mindful of her pupils’ needs. The coursework she set us was always appropriate to the stage we were at and covered relevant topics. She marked it regularly, pointing out where and how one could improve. She encouraged us to keep on writing after the end of the course and I felt inspired to do so. What she taught us in those ten sessions still forms the basis for how I approach writing and I refer back to my course notes regularly. I am very grateful to Julia for opening up a door to a life in writing and a path to creating good prose.
A Littler – Tutor